“But lately now, the other night,

Upon my bed I sat upright,

And bade someone bring me a book,

A romance, and this I took

To read and drive the night away,

Since I thought it better, I say,

Than chess or backgammon tables.

And in this book were written fables…”

Geoffrey Chaucer, The Book of the Duchess, trans. by A. S. Kline, 2007.

Mostly random thoughts on some cultural events and creative personalities.

Photo: The London Plane Tree. © Starbuck Trumbull

P.S. I keep a book of dreams where I lead a parallel life and where you are often my heroes.

“La piraña. La naranja. Tú.” – C. B. P. de M.

© Elena Vassilieva. Copyright 2020. All rights reserved.

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